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Daniel James


What has been your career highlight so far?
Catering to Chicago’s most elite clientele has given me recognition and opportunities to see my artistry in national publications such as InStyle Magazine, major networks like HBO, as well as top Hollywood films by Quentin Tarantino.

My greatest achievements, however, would be my time spent in the salon and as an educator. In the salon, I am able to see the evolution of my hair color on my clients, watching their style transform with their life. In the classroom, I am able to share my passion with students and witness their confidence and skill grow. Both of these experiences drive my passion for even greater achievement.
Describe your personal style or aesthetic.
My personal aesthetic and style have always been evolutionary. While indulging in the trends of both fashion and hair, my core belief is style should be “easy going” and “relaxed”, yet with a bit of eccentricity. I find inspiration from both the “girl next door” t-shirt and jeans vibe and haute couture runway looks. I want to create a truly distinctive look that is comfortable, yet with always-needed panache.
What is your approach to doing hair?
Much like my approach to style, I enjoy hair color to be settled and engaging. Going beyond the basics of customizing color to each client’s skin tone and eye color, I take the time to get to know each person and discover how each guest evolves in life. Armed with that knowledge, I am able to apply different variations or big changes to their hair color along the way. While my “little black dress” theory to hair color remains true in my foundations to application, my placement and formulation vary to each person making it truly a customized work of art each client can call their own.